Lakshmipat Singhania Public School :: Vision, Mission and Core Values

Vision, Mission and Core Values



To equip the young minds with noble values and latest trends to prepare them for the contemporary global challenges and to set a hallmark in the education domain.


  1. To bring world class education within every child's reach.
  2. To create awareness in critical and contemporary issues.
  3. To create a unique roadmap for enquiring journey of knowledge.
  4. To develop intellectual independence and risk-taking through inquiry, direct experience and collaboration.
  5. To teach the importance of humanity and culture.
  6. To imbibe values of respect, integrity, compassion and justice to encourage community responsibility.

Core Values
As the students of LSPS We 

  1. promote a peaceful, caring and safe learning community
  2. be honest with ourselves and others
  3. demonstrate fairness in our judgments and actions
  4. fulfil all our commitments and promises
  5. have the courage to think and act independently
  6. build up problem solving and decision-making skills
  7. be reliable and trustworthy
  8. be different with innovative and creative ideas
  9. share time and knowledge with others
  10. take an active role in service opportunities in the society
  11. strive  to make our environment eco-friendly
  12. stand up for what we believe


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