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Physical Activities




 A sound mind in a sound body'. This is ensured by making games compulsory for all the students. Professionally qualified Physical Education Teacher take care of the sports activities of the school. The school is divided into three houses and inter house activities are conducted regularly. Students who are declared physically unfit by a physician are given exemption from taking part in sports activities. The annual Sports Meet is a regular feature and an important co-curricular activity of the school.

Specific objectives

1. To help children know and accept individual and collective responsibility for healthy living at home, school and in the community.

2. To help children know their health status, identify health problems and be informed for taking appropriate remedial measures.  

3.To help children learn correct postural habits in standing, walking, running, sitting and other basic movements so as to avoid postural defects and physical deformities.

4. To help children improve their neuromuscular coordination through participation in a variety of physical activities in order to physical fitness.

5. To help children strive for excellence in games and sports.  

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